You ever wonder if…

…that one time you crop-dusted the girl at the gym is now coming full circle and that’s why you were fired from your job?

Me too.

Then again, I am also a crazy bitch so this could be a coincidence that I farted on someone then got fired. It doesn’t matter if that person deserved the fart or not.



Real Women Poop

…we also play battleshiT and yell C1 as we flush.

I once worked with a woman who told me she never discussed her bowel movements. Her husband knew nothing of her shitastic days. She knew nothing of his Taco Bell movements. Depressing, right?

Bonding moments with your significant other that are now gone forever. If you can’t laugh at your own asshole then who can?

Feminism and “hear me roar” campaigns are abundant these days. Your asshole should have that equality too. #makeshitsexyagain